TALKING HISTORY: C.L.R. James and e.p. thompson

7 December 2016 | MayDay Rooms

June Givanni Pan African Cinema Archive programmed H.O. Nazareth’s ‘Talking Histories’, our first collaborative film screening with MayDay Rooms. In 1983, Nazareth directed and produced a film conversation  between two Marxist historians: the Trinidadian playwright C.L.R. James and E.P. Thompson on topics ranging from popular politics in the United Kingdom, new freedom movements and revolutions in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, international affairs in Africa and atomic warfare at the end of the cold war.

The film was screened to 50 guests from the public and was a special event where the audience were treated to the unique experience of seeing the film in its original 16mm format for the first time in over 30 years. The audience had the opportunity to discuss the film with H.O. Nazareth and chair Colin Prescod of Institute of Race Relations.

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