The publications catalogued so far are at 400 plus and counting not taking into account duplicates).

The collection includes significant journals such as the Black Film Review (USA); and the Black Film Bulletin*(UK); Ecran D’Afriques/African Screens (FEPACI/Italy), and The Black Filmmaker (bfm: UK) which represent significant sources for information about black films and filmmakers in the 1980s and 1990s many of which are no longer available.

The collection also non-film black art and culture magazines which feature films and filmmakers such as the large format ‘Revue Noir’.

They have been catalogued in the following formats:

  • Books (eg. including the short books on which the Ken Saro-Wiwa Nigerian sitcom series ‘Basi & Company’ were based – or which he published to promote the TV series)
  • Brochures (eg. Association of Black Film Workshops)
  • Booklets / Correspondence
  • Magazines/ Newspapers
  • Journals/ Pamphlets / Reports
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