“Of the series of specific collections within the June Givanni Pan African Cinema Archive (JGPACA), the posters with their cinematically visual or historic character, hold a broad palette of stories within them. These posters do not exclusively present films: many also represent international film festivals, cultural programmes and events.” (Nana Ocran)

The posters (150+ catalogued to date) cover a geographical source and representation of the 5 main regions or sub-regions featured in the archive: Africa, The Caribbean, North America, Europe, the UK. They are a mix of glossy commercial and more subtle art house creations as well as specially commissioned posters, publicizing films for the most part but also other events. There are collections within the poster collection, notably the vibrant Cuban silk-screen, posters featuring posters from the ‘golden age of Cuban poster design 1964-1970s; or the FESPACO collection featuring the themes of the festival over the years; the collections of reproduced African and Arab posters from the Milan African Film Festival; or some of the films posters from the UK Black Film Workshops.

(The Archive also has a collection of – mainly UK – black art and culture posters covering the same period)

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